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Stuttgart, Germany 25 November 2017

Money = Bookkeeping
The bridge between modern finance and Rudolf Steiner's ideas.
Workshop with Christopher Houghton Budd

German language event. Details here.

Goetheanum, Switzerland 16 November 2017 
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Bucharest, Romania 10-12 November 2017

100 hundred years on: Where are we in regard to the threefold nature of social life?

In 1917, Woodrow Wilson came to 'save' Europe. But from what? Not from the terrible war, but from the suggestions being made by Rudolf Steiner as to how the world might go forward in peace. A single world economy, a rights life that allows national diversity, and a free spiritual life based on everyone following his or her own destiny. Instead of this – the threefold social order – we got self-determination, enshrined nationalism, Anglo-American hegemony based in dividing the world in two, the United Nations, financial institutions all anchored in Washington, the European Union instead of a Europe-wide confederation. And now neoliberalism being undermined by populism. Where, in all this, can one find initiatives, organisations, policies and possibilities that give fresh opportunity to the world Rudolf Steiner had in mind?A series of discussions and symposia based on lectures given by British economic and monetary historian, Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd.

An opportunity to review events since 2017, and to take the pulse of the threefold work in Romania.

My Name is Bond. Youth Bond. The importance of financial literacy and open access credit.
Workshop with Christopher Houghton Budd

Details shortly.

Karlsruhe, Germany 3-5 November 2017 (Details here)

Mendoza, Argentina 13-16 July 2017 (Details here)

Karlsruhe, Germany November 2016 (Details here)

Sao Paolo, Brazil October 2016 (Details here)