Economics - The World as One Economy (1922)
Rudolf Steiner
Details forthcoming.

Rudolf Steiner, Economist (1996)
Rudolf Steiner
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Step into Another World! Economic Life as a Medium for Initiation (2003)
Marc Desaules, Anita Grandjean, Christopher Houghton Budd, Christian Thal-Jantzen
Entrepreneur as Neophyte / The Sovereign Individual / Company as Temple / Rehabilitating the Company / Finance as Guardian / World Money...
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A Human Response to Globalisation (2003)
Discovering Associative Economics  
Marc Desaules
See Abstract. Available here.

The Metamorphosis of Capitalism (2003)
Realising Associative Economics 
Christopher Houghton Budd
See Abstract. Available here.

Towards True Pricing and True Income (2009)
Marc Desaules, Arthur Edwards, Christopher Houghton Budd, Marc Theurillat
Contextualising 'True Pricing' / True Pricing instead of Basic Income / Towards True Pricing / True Pricing and the Role of Associations / Consciously Regulated Markets and Consumer Organisations / Can a Share Company act Associatively?    
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Overcoming Separateness in Economic Life
Stroud, England, 17 April, 2005
Available here.

Understanding Gift Money
Stroud, England, 16 October 2005
Available here.

Building World Economy
Toronto, Canada, 24-27 2013
Available here.

True Price = True Income (2013)
Marc Desaules
A talk given at the Goetheanum. 29 November 2013. 
Available here.

True Price Symposium (2013)
Goetheanum, Switzerland, 29-30 November 2013. 
Available here.

True Price instead of Basic Income (2013)
Marc Desaules
Albeit more challenging than the basic income idea, in this succinct article the case for true pricing is made as a way of providing true income that is closer to Rudolf Steiner's economic analysis.
Available in DutchEnglishFrench. GermanItalian.

Boats and Balloons (2014)
Meg Freeling
A case study of true pricing in a local store. January 2014.
Available in EnglishPortuguese.

True Price Seminar (2014)
Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2014.
Forthcoming in English and Portuguese.

Money, Credit and Accounting I (2015)
Neuchatel, Switzerland, 6-8 June 2015.
Available here.

Money, Credit and Accounting II (2015)
Neuchatel, Switzerland, 2-4 October 2015.
Available here.

Money, Credit and the Future of Banking (2016)
Neuchatel, Switzerland, 22-24 February 2016
Available here.

True Money, Growth and Accounting (2017)
Neuchatel, Switzerland, 17-19 February 2017
Available here.

Associative Economics Intensive 
Changing the world, one entrepreneur at a time - Anna Chotzen (2017)
Available in SpanishEnglish.

Doing Your 'Bit' Because You Can:
English Composition Meets Accounting - Meg Freeling (2017)
Available here.

True Price and Just Income (2017)
Rudolf Isler
Available here.