Associative Economics (ae) Guarantee Mark

The work of Economics Conference participants informs the thinking behind the AE Quality Guarantee Mark, established worldwide by the Associative Economics Association (based in Canterbury, England and Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1998. Unlike many such things, the AE Mark is not a trade mark, but a guarantee mark. It is a self-auditing tool designed to appeal to the conscience of those involved in economic life. It is not a regulatory instrument or management guideline, but if those concerned align their conduct with its precepts then it should bear the hallmark of associative thinking.

The Colours of Money

The Colours of Money is a stand alone seminar that explores Rudolf Steiner's conception of three kinds of money, instead of the classic economic theory of three functions of money. Since 1998, it has been given to over 500 people in many parts of the world and in various languages (English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish). It is also Step 1 for those wishing to use the AE Mark.

Neither the title nor the content of The Colours of Money Seminar are related to the film starring Paul Newman or the subsequent magazine published under that name by Triodos Bank.

For more information, including how to take part, on this work, visit The Colours of Money.