Table of Publications

The publications listed below are the work of Economics Conference colleagues, many of which are published under the Economics Conference logo and the Associative Economics Worldwide rubric. Most of them are mentioned or featured wihtin this website. 'Articles' are lay or informal works; 'papers' are formal texts in modern academia. In all cases, the aim is to introduce the ideas of Rudolf Steiner into today's debates and policy discussions. (This is a work-in-progress project, part of a much larger archive being created.)

Date Format Author Title Theme Availability
1922 Book Rudolf Steiner Economics The World as One Economy EN
1996 Book Rudolf Steiner (ed. CHB) Rudolf Steiner, Economist Articles and Essays EN
1996 Book Christopher Houghton Budd Rudolf Steiner, Economist (essay) EN
1998 Article Marc Desaules Awakening to Global Bookkeeping Accounting and Three Kinds of Money EN, DE
2002 Book Christopher Houghton Budd Auditorial Central Banking PhD Dissertation EN
2003 Book Marc Desaules, Anita Grandjean, Christopher Houghton Budd, Christian Thal-Jantzen Step into Another World! Economic Life as a Medium for Initiation EN
2003 Book Marc Desaules A Human Response to Globalisation Discovering Associative economics EN, FR
2003 Book Christopher Houghton Budd The Metamorphosis of Capitalism Realising Associative Economics EN, HU
2006 Book Arthur Edwards From Gold to Golden Rule Diploma Study EN
2009 Book Marc Desaules, Arthur Edwards, Christopher Houghton Budd, Marc Theurillat Towards True Pricing and True Income An Anthology EN
2011 Book Christopher Houghton Budd Finance at the Threshold Rethinking the real and financial economies EN, ES
2012 Book Christopher Houghton Budd Towards Christmas 2023 EN
2013 Article Marc Desaules True Price : True Income True pricing as a way of providing true income per Rudolf Steiner's economic analysis EN
2013 Article Marc Desaules True Price instead of Basic Income A talk given at the Goetheanum EN, DE, NL, FR, IT
2014 Article Marc Desaules The Challenges of Christmas 1923 EN
2014 Book Joaquin Aguado Castro La Economia de la Confianza Recuperando la Dignidad de Nuestro Futuro ES
2014 Article Meg Freeling Balloon-powered Toy Boats A case study of true pricing in a local store EN, PT
2016 Paper Daniel Osmer Entrepreneurial Economics Diploma Study EN
2016 Paper Christopher Houghton Budd In the Shoes of Luca Pacioli EN
2017 Book Various 15 Years Work The Content of Economics Conference Meetings EN
2017 Paper Meg Freeling Doing your 'Bit' because You can How English composition meets accounting EN
2017 Article Rudolf Isler True Price and Just Income ... EN
2018 Paper Fionn Meier Money as Bookkeeping ... EN, DE
2018 Paper Christopher Houghton Budd, Fionn Meier Money is Bookkeeping The key to effective financial literacy EN
2018 Article Fionn Meier Kooperatives Verrechnungsgeld oder national-staatliches Vollgeld? ... DE
2018 Article Meg Freeling Julius Rosenwald: A Worthy Harbinger? ... EN
2018 Book Fionn Meier (Ed. CHB) Perspectives in Finance Contemplating Double-Entry Bookkeeping EN
2019 Book Christopher Houghton Budd The Deed of Rudolf Steiner EN
2019 Book Various A Second Chance for the World EN
2020 Book Christopher Houghton Budd The Colours of Money Handbook EN
---- Article Various Newsletters EN
---- Article Various Annual Meeting Reports EN
---- Article Various Topic Reports EN
2013 Book Various The Future of Finance EN
2014 Book Arthur Edwards, Christopher Houghton Budd 21 Policies Policies ideas from Rudolf Steiner for the 21st century EN
2014 Book Arthur Edwards, Christopher Houghton Budd A-Z A Glossary of Associative Economics EN
2018 Book Rudolf Steiner 12 Key Thoughts Key economic ideas from Rudolf Steiner EN
2018 Book D'Arcy MacKenzie Accountants' Corner Commentary on modern finance EN
2018 Thesis Fionn Meier Money as Accounting Masters Thesis EN
0000 Book Arthur Edwards The Viability of ... EN
0000 Book Arthur Edwards Three Kinds of Money... EN