The Economics Conference Fund exists to finance research, publications and administration (website, etc.)

The Economics Conference promotes research into economic life from an associative point of view. The focus and topics of research are determined by members of the Economics Conference in accordance with their own sense of what is needed and what they can accomplish, and certain agreed protocols. Responsibility for fund-raising and the related budgets to cover remuneration, travel, venue and other incidental expenses likewise rests with the researchers. The research is carried out under the rubric 'associative economics' as a contribution to public debates. 

A range of existing and future publications is available under dissemination, funded in part by the Economics Conference Fund, on terms whereby a percentage of sales reverts to the Fund.

The work of the Economics Conference entails administration, including the management of its website. Contributions to the Economics Conference Fund also go to this.

Economics Conference Fund
The Fund receives money worldwide, through fund-raising and donations. It is held in various accounts around the world (see list below) where a local participant in the Economics Conference acts as a treasurer. The accounts overall are monitored through a shared spreadsheet so that the treasurers are in effect a circle of trustees. The bookkeeping is coordinated through the use of an overall unit of account called the Hibernia, currently calculated at 1:1 to the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Monies can be remitted direct to the Goetheanum in Switzerland: 

"Gift 1319 Economics Conference"
Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft, Posfach, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland
IBAN: CH36 8093 9000 0010 0607 1
Raiffeisenbank Dornach, CH–4143 Dornach

Or to any of the below (tax exempt) organisations:

Country      Entity where held      
Argentina      Anthroposophical Society in Argentina      
Brazil      Anthroposophical Society in Brazil      
Canada      Anthroposophical Society in Canada      
England      Hermes Trust (Donate here)      
Germany      Anthroposophical Society in Germany      
Ireland      Anthroposophical Society in Ireland      
Switzerland      Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland      
USA      Anthroposophical Society in America (Donate here)      


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