Topic Reports

When published, reports of meetings based on specific topics are available (normally in electronic format only) free of charge upon request. Some reports may be restricted to members of the Economics Conference only. Further details from economics[at]

Overcoming Separateness in Economic Life
Stroud, England, 17 April, 2005
Available in English.

Understanding Gift Money
Stroud, England, 16 October 2005
Available in English.

Building World Economy
Toronto, Canada, 24-27 2013
Available in English.

True Price in Thought and Deed
Dornach (Basel), Switzerland, 29-30 November 2013
Available in English.

Money, Credit and Accounting I
L'Aubier, Montezillon (Neuchâtel), Switzerland, 5-7 June 2015
Available in English.

Money, Credit and Accounting II
L'Aubier, Montezillon (Neuchâtel), Switzerland, 2-4 October 2015
Available in English.

Money, Credit and the Future of Banking
L'Aubier, Montezillon (Neuchâtel), Switzerland, 22-24 February 2016
Available in English.

True Money, Growth and Accounting
L'Aubier, Montezillon (Neuchâtel), Switzerland, 17-19 February 2017
Available in English.

Associative Economics Intensive
Changing the world, one entrepreneur at a time. (2017)
Available in SpanishEnglish.

A Second Chance
Dornach (Basel), Switzerland, 16 November 2017
Available in EnglishGerman.

True Money is Bookkeeping
L'Aubier, Montezillon (Neuchâtel), Switzerland, 23-25 February 2018
Available in English.

El Papel de América Latina en la Economía Mundial. 
La Economía Asociativa como Camino Social. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 4-7 Oct., 2018
Available in Spanish and English.

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