Articles and Papers

The publications listed below are the work of Economics Conference colleagues. The links take you to where the books can be found or bought, many of which are published under the Economics Conference logo and the Associative Economics Worldwide rubric.

True Price : True Income
Marc Desaules (2013)
A talk given at the Goetheanum.
Available in English.

True Price instead of Basic Income 
Marc Desaules (2013)
A succinct article making the case for true pricing as a way of providing true income that follows Rudolf Steiner's economic analysis.
Available in DutchEnglishFrenchGerman and Italian.

Balloon-powered Toy Boats
Meg Freeling (2014)
A case study of true pricing in a local store.
Available in English and Portuguese.

Doing your 'Bit' because You can:
Meg Freeling (2017)
How English composition meets accounting.
Available in English.

True Price and Just Income
Rudolf Isler (2017)
A research contribution.
Available in English.

Money as Bookkeeping
Fionn Meier (2018)
Available in EnglishGermanPortuguese.

Money is Bookkeeping
Christopher Houghton Budd and Fionn Meier (2018)
The key to effective financial literacy.
Available in English.

Awakening to global Book-keeping
Marc Desaules (1998/posted 2018)
Available in English and German.

Kooperatives Verrechnungsgeld oder national-staatliches Vollgeld?
Fionn Meier (2018)
Available in German.

Julius Rosenwald: A Worthy Harbinger?
Meg Freeling (2018)
Available in English.

Postmodern Money
Stephen Vallus (2020)
Available in English.

Viral Economics: A challenge to egotism?
Christopher Houghton Budd (2020)

COVID 19 – Global Health Crisis or Crisis of Global ideals?
Mauricio Garay (2020)

Triple Governance – Hayek's Lost Thesis
Christopher Houghton Budd (2020)
English. German.

The Circulation of Capital and Beyond: Facilitating 'Personal Credit' for Researchers.
Christopher Houghton Budd w. Stephen Vallus (2020)

Beyond Brundtland: True Price and Sustainability
Christopher Houghton Budd w. Xavier Andrillon (2020)

Global Bookkeeping as the Completion of Everyday Bookkeeping
Patrick O'Meara (2020)