Welcome to the Publications page of the website of the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum, a standing conference of worldwide colleagues who endeavour in their different ways to deepen understanding of the principles and practices of associative economics.

This website as a whole has several other dimensions. For example, it includes details of the particular background to this work in connection with spiritual science, which (like economics itself) because it is not based on sense perception relies on the validity and consistency of its axioms. However, this page focuses on the considerable number of publications that has resulted from 21 years of collaboration, covering a wide range of topics. Reflecting its role as the lingua franca for much of modern economics, the publications are primarily in English. They are organised under several headings – Reports,  Articles and Papers, Books and Theses.

Associative economics is an approach to economics based on lectures on economics  given by Rudolf Steiner in 1922, as taken forward through a link to accounting based in turn on Steiner’s idea that money is, always has been, and always will be bookkeeping.

It is this idea that informs the substantial literature overviewed here, which spans from brief, often lay texts to scholarly material including work published in academia. Most of the output is free to download, but related material is also available for purchase under the Associative Economics Worldwide imprint at the aeBookstore.

Publications are the main medium for sharing with the world the fact and the results of research, more details concerning which can be found here.

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