The publications listed below are the work of Economics Conference colleagues. The links take you to where the books can be found or bought. Those with an asterisk are collaborative endeavours and are published under the Economics Conference logo and the Associative Economics Worldwide imprint.

La Economia de la Confianza (2014)
Recuperando la Dignidad de Nuestro Futuro
Joaquin Aguado Castro Spanish.
Finance at the Threshold (2011)
Rethinking the real and financial economies 
Christopher Houghton Budd EnglishSpanish.
Towards True Pricing and True Income (2009)*
An Anthology
Marc Desaules, Arthur Edwards, Christopher Houghton Budd, Marc Theurillat English.
The Metamorphosis of Capitalism (2003)
Realising Associative Economics 
Christopher Houghton Budd  English.
A Human Response to Globalisation (2003)
Discovering Associative economics  
Marc Desaules  English.
Step into Another World! (2003)
Economic Life as a Medium for Initiation
Marc Desaules, Anita Grandjean, Christopher Houghton Budd, Christian Thal-Jantzen  English.
Rudolf Steiner, Economist (1996)
Articles and Essays
Rudolf Steiner  English.
Economics (1922)* 
The World as One Economy 
Rudolf Steiner  English.


The theses listed here represent the activity of Economics Conference colleagues whose aim is to introduce the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, as well as their own, into today's debates and policy discussions. Those starred were completed formally in academia; the unstarred titles were privately undertaken but to formal standards.

True Price as a Condition of Sustainability (2020)*
PhD Dissertation
Xavier Andrillon  English.
Entrepreneurial Economics (2018)
Diploma Study
Daniel Osmer English.
Money as Bookkeeping (2017)*
Masters Thesis
Fionn Meier  English.
In the Shoes of Luca Pacioli (2016)*
in Springer Financial Literacy Handbook
Christopher Houghton Budd  English.
Three Kinds of Money (2008)*
Masters Thesis
Arthur Edwards  English.
The Viability of Associative Economics (2006)
Diploma Study
Arthur Edwards | In preparation.
From Gold to Golden Rule (2006)
Diploma Study
Arthur Edwards  English.
Auditorial Central Banking (2002)*
PhD Dissertation
Christopher Houghton Budd  English.