Research Funding Protocols

30 June 2016

The monies in the Economics Conference Fund (ECF) are managed in accordance with the tax reporting, data protection and such other matters of the national rights life as may be effective in the country where the Fund’s account is located. An important use of the Fund is to finance research suubject to the following

  1. Monies donated to the ECF (in any country) in a general or unspecified way will be disbursed:

    (a) at the discretion of its treasurers*;

    (b) for research into economics with specific reference to Rudolf Steiner and/or spiritual science;

    (c) in the context of submitted budgets (preferably in spreadsheet format) and for the purposes stated in those budgets;

    (d) including remuneration of any researcher(s);

    (e) with the requirement of public dissemination of the research and its results through publication or other media.

  2. The ECF (in any country) can also be used to channel designated monies, in which case the treasurers’ only discretion is to ensure that the purpose(s) of such monies accords with the protocol stated in 1(b).

  3. The ECF (in any country) may distribute to and receive monies from other accounts associated with the Economics Conference provided their purposes coincide with its own.

* Currently the below-named persons in their capacity as participants in the Economics Conference, part of the Social Sciences Section of the School for Spiritual Science:

Mauricio Garay (Argentina)
Lucia Sigolo (Brazil)
Arthur Edwards (UK)
Christopher Houghton Budd (Ireland and Goetheanum)
Kim Chotzen (USA)