19th Annual Worldwide Meeting

Theme: Towards 2022 / Walking the Talk of a One-World Economy

4-7 June 2020, Goetheanum, Basel, Switzerland.
(Due to covid, this event was postponed then cancelled, replaced instead by an internal publication called Towards 2022. Likewise, the date, venue and theme of the next annual meeting is yet to be decided.)

Previous Annual Meetings

Folkestone, England
2019   Respiration of Inititative / Circulation of Capital
2018   'Money is Bookkeeping' / A Legacy for the World?
2017   Accounting and the Threshold. Finance as Guardian / The Accounting Process
2016   The Riddle of the Nerves in link with Money. Inner aspects of financial literacy

Montreal, Canada
2015  As long as… we are faithful to true price
2014  True Price – From concept to strategy
2013  Associative Economics – In our souls and in the world

Neuchatel, Switzerland
2012  Reconnecting the Money and the Goods Markets
2011  Rosicrucian Aspects of Economic Life
2010  Economic Life in the Light of the Folk Souls
2009  Economic Life at the Threshold / Pathways for Another World

Canterbury, England
2008  AE Festival: Associative Economics in the 21st Century

Goetheanum, Switzerland
2007  Financing the Anthroposophical Society and the School of Spiritual Science
2006  The Economics Course, Three Kinds of Money, Representing Associative Economics
2005  Survey of who is doing what? How we met the Economics Course.
2004  Concerning methodology
2003  A single global economy in the context of today’s events.
2002  Exploratory symposium on economics