Current Convenor's Considerations

A convenor of section work cannot be without his or her own private or professional views, if for no other reason than that those views may appear in public. So, care should be taken to make clear that such views are not meant or thought to be those of the convenor as such, a role which should be inclusive and ecumenical but without being relativist. This page is intended to illustrate and satisfy this consideration.

It has a specific twin-focus: What is the nature of research when what one is observing is not perceptible to the senses, as is the case with economics. And how is one to bridge from Rudolf Steiner's contribution to economics, particularly his 1922 economics course, to the world of economics, business and finance as it understands itself and the challenges it faces? How is one to engage with where public and professional discourse is at?

To paraphrase Rudolf Steiner's words spoken in Oxford, England in 1922, how can we think in accordance with reality because this can put an entirely different complexion on things?

Separate from other material, the texts shared on this page are separate from other material by the current convenor, Christopher Houghton Budd. Their spirit and intent is to promote cogent discussion of how research concerning Rudolf Steiner's economics course is conceived and conducted.

Commentary (preferably brief and professional) on the material posted on this page is welcome c/o economics[at]

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