The Economics Conference logo is adopted and adapted from an original drawing by Christopher Houghton Budd, who has 'given' it to the Economics Conference. It may used by members of the Economics Conference whenever they choose to place their activities (publications, events, etc.) under the auspices of the Economics Conference, on the understanding that these will comport with its research protocols and that, where possible, they will make a remittance to the Economics Conference Fund.

The image makes several allusions. Firstly, to the associative conduct of economic life. Secondly, to the collaboration of the five continents of a one-world economy. Thirdly, to the post Gold Standard conduct of international exchange rates, once famously described by J M Keynes as "the point about which the exchanges fluctuate, and at which they must ultimately come to rest; with one material difference, namely, that [point] is not itself a fixed point…" – A Tract on Monetary Reform, 1923.