Towards 2023

All approaches to economic life, all schools of thought, are backgrounded by a world conception of some sort, often however not made explicit. In the case of associative economics the background conception is the anthroposophical worldview. Anthroposophy – awareness of one's true humanity, wisdom of man – is not an abstract philosophical affair, but is matched by the way Rudolf Steiner at Christmas 1923 embedded the School of Spiritual Science in the Anthroposophical Society with its 'structure' of three classes and sections. Understanding the intention and significance of this is, therefore, a key aspect of the work of the Economics Conference, as part of one of the sections. This page references study material to that end.

The Christmas Conference 1923
The eye of the needle for associative economics is to apply it to the Anthroposophical Movement itself, and to the Anthroposophical Society in particular. Towards 2023 has a simple aim in this regard: to heed the three ‘calls’ by Rudolf Steiner concerning the way in which the Society is financed, so that by Christmas 2023, the Society’s centenary, the work of the Goetheanum, especially that of the Sections of the School of Spiritual Science, is adequately and buoyantly financed. The three calls point to members’ contributions, research funds and worldwide regular financial support from people generally (much in the manner of organisations like today’s Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund). This page is devoted to ideas about and examples that give effect to these three calls.

An Economic Testament  
Christopher Houghton Budd
Originally written in 1979 and revised in 1996, this is a study in the way Rudolf Steiner refounded the Anthroposophical Society with particular regard to its economic dimensions, both as regards its own organisation and the world in general. (Available in English via email to the author.)

Tasks, Seeds, Qualities  
Jorgen Smit
Based on notes taken at the time, an intensive account of the origin, background and purpose of the three classes of the School of Spiritual Science. (Available in English.)

Towards Christmas 2023 – Renewing our Covenant with Rudolf Steiner  
Christopher Houghton Budd
Transcripts of lectures given in South America and Spain in 2011, this book makes the inner and outer case for supporting the Anthroposophical Society through deliberate financial support of its work. (Available in English.)

The Challenges of Christmas 1923
Marc Desaules
A discussion of the inner and outer responsibilities of working with Rudolf Steiner's legacy, especially as regards the challenges of modern economic life. (Available in English.)

Annual Conferences in Switzerland
Organised by the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland, a series of annual conferences intended to 'pace' the years leading to the 100th anniversary of the refounding of the Anthroposophical Society. Each year has a different theme. See details in English and German.